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3 Truths That Will Keep You Moving Through Adversity


Struggles, barriers, hardship, difficulties, roadblocks, bad luck…call it what you’d like.

We all face times of adversity, when things get in the way of us achieving our goals–and it’s annoying.

Rather than dissect all the reasons why bad things happen to good people like us, let’s just hit this problem head on and discuss 3 quick truths that will help you keep moving, even when life gives you rotten lemons (is that a real phrase?).Read On >

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What type of protein is best? Comparing whey vs casein vs soy

which protein is best

Some people hear the hype about whey protein and think it’s the only protein source worth taking. While it does have hype behind it for good reasons, other protein sources have their places for avid fitness peeps and general health nuts as well, so we’ll take a look at which protein you might want to take at what times and why.… Read On >